Scalemaster Magnetic Gold Scale Inhibitor

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  • Easy Installation
  • Maintenance Free
  • Single Appliance Protection
  • No Chemicals or Power Required

Scalemaster® Magnetic Limescale Inhibitors prevent limescale build-up by influencing the crystal structure of the limescale precipitated.  Laboratory research has shown that the growth of limescale crystals is affected by the application of the magnetic field causing more ‘needle-like’ aragonite crystals to be formed.  These find it harder to stick to heat-exchange surfaces than the normal calcite, which forms harder surface deposits.

What’s In The Pack?

A 15mm or 22mm Scalemaster Gold metal bodied in-line magnetic limescale inhibitor with compression fittings.

Vital Stats

  • No Chemicals or Power
  • Slip Couplings for Easy Fitting
  • Maintenance Free
  • No Moving Parts
  • Three Year Replacement Guarantee*
  • Earth Bonding Not Required
  • Suitable for Protecting Individual Appliances

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15mm, 22mm

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  • Delivery: £4.95

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