Sound & Light. Reinvented.

Bringing Light & Sound Into One Device

Smart home tech should be exactly that.  Smart.  But too often, smart tech simply fills our lives with miles of cables, cluttered surfaces, and an abundance of challenging, expensive electronics. 

Zuma was created to free our homes from all this confusion – to deliver on the promise of smart technology by making brilliant sound and light simple for any home to achieve.

Zuma blends sound and light together as one, bringing a renewed sense of tranquility to your life and home.  Hit play on a selection of predefined sound and lightscapes in the Zuma app, listen your favourite music through Spotify or Apple Music, or relax with a podcast playing seamlessly through your downlights, an elegantly simple way to attain clean living.

Natural, Restorative Light

The Zuma app offers total ambient lighting control, with a whole host of tuneable intensity and colour options for personalised settings.  With one touch, you can fill each room with circadian light that tracks the sun throughout the day, known to improve wellbeing and aid sleep. 


Easy to Use,
Every Day

From the Zuma app you get total, granular control of your home’s light and sound.  Choose and play audio directly from your favourite music apps – Zuma works with leading music services like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and more.  You can even utilise hands-free voice control with an existing Alexa, or choose to upgrade to the Smart Bezel, integrating Alexa control for a seamless system.  

Play music, adjust lights, relax with a wellbeing preset.  Listen to different audio in every room, or connect the bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen and study together to create an entire party house.

Built For The Whole Home

Zuma is IP65 rated, meaning they’re safe to install in your bathroom, too.  Zuma is designed to last around 12-15 years at full capacity – even in moisture-heavy environments.  It means that wherever you have ceiling lights, you can bathe your home in immersive, high fidelity sound.

Once connected, your Zuma units connect over home WiFi, giving you complete, wireless control of a room’s sound and light.  

You can add up to 200 units in one home pairing the Lumisonics (sound & light) with Luminaires (light only), meaning Zuma can be used to create a whole-home, multiroom sound and lighting system, managed from your mobile device.  

Choose Your Perfect

Zuma downlight bezels are a magnetically detachable outer finish for your Zuma units, available as standard with every Zuma you purchase.  They come in a range of designs and styles, so you can customise Zuma to fit your room’s aesthetic.  

Shape | Choose from a square or round bezel shape.

Fit | Choose from ‘Standard’ or ‘Surface Mounted’ ceiling fit with the Flush Mount Kit Add On

Design | Choose ‘Simplicity’ (top) for an understated look, or ‘Supernova’ (bottom) for a beautiful geometric motif.

Feeling Extra Smart?

Introducing whole-home voice control with Zuma.

Smart Bezel Voice™ discreetly and easily integrated Alexa Built-In™ voice control into your Zuma system, giving you totally hands-free control of your home’s sound and lighting. 

The Smart bezel features an array of intelligently managed microphones, enabling Alexa Built-In functionality, and removing the need for external Alexa devices in the home.  It uses ‘far-field’ microphones and echo cancellation to allow commands to be heard over music, giving you a completely hands-free experience. 

Once installed, Smart Bezel Voice™ is IP65 rated, so it’s safe to use in any room in your home.  Turn your bathroom into a luxury spa space, change the soundtrack and light temperature from the comfort of your bath, without touching an electronic device. 

A breeze to install, simply swap out your existing Zuma bezel, run a few setup steps, and you’re ready to go.  Changing the music or lighting becomes as easy as saying ‘Alexa, turn down the lights and play some music’.  Zuma comes in square or round bezels for a consistent aesthetic, and only one is needed per room.

The Lumisonic & The Luminaire

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