We are very pleased to announce that Axent has appointed Renaissance Bathrooms as a dealer for the new award winning shower toilet range!

Its a perfect design that looks awesome in any bathroom, modern or not. Simple to install and to use. Comfortable to sit on, which is critical because once you start using the spray, you will never want to stop. The spray is adjustable: cool but not too cold, warm but not hot. A firm spray, but not too hard, or a gentle spray, but not too soft. They nailed temp and pressure adjustment perfectly. The spray also adjusts in or out in 4 small increments to ensure you “hit the spot”. On premium models; extras include the likes of an internal heater, so warm water is ALWAYS on tap, no waiting, ever and a heated seat.

We have great introductory offers instore. Call us on 01753 530676 for more details.

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